Wednesday, 20 October 2021

collapseall What are the items that can or cannot be carried onboard an airplane?

The Transportation Security Administration regulates what can and cannot be carried aboard an airliner.
The lists of permitted and prohibited items are as follows:
Air travelers can carry little amount of liquids, gels and sprays in their hand baggage when passing through security checkpoints (for short flights). If it is necessary to carry more than 3 ounces of liquids, gels, sprays, such as toothpaste or shampoo, please put them in your luggage and inform the airline. Carrying more than 3 ounces of liquids, gels and sprays in reasonable quantities for the duration of itinerary is only permitted through security checkpoints. There are also steps taken to ensure the security boarding areas after passing through the security checkpoints. Therefore, any liquid, gel, or aerosol purchased (such as coffee or soda) in the secure area after you process through a security checkpoint is allowed onboard the aircraft. Passengers are also permitted to bring solid cosmetics and personal hygiene items such as lipsticks onboard.
Cosmetics and personal items which will be inspected and are not permitted to be carried on board an aircraft:
-    Aerosol spray bottles and cans
-    All creams and lotions
-    bath oils or moisturizers
-    Bug and mosquito sprays
-    Corkscrews
-    Tweezers
-    Deodorants made of gel or aerosol
-    Eye drops
-    Eyeglass Repair Tools - including screwdrivers
-    Eyelash Curlers
-    Hair styling gels and spray of all kinds including aerosol
-    Knitting and Crochet Needles
-    Knives - except for plastic or round bladed butter knives
-    Lip gels
-    Liquid lip glosses
-    Perfumes of all kinds
-    Liquid soaps
-    Liquid mascara
-    Nail Clippers
-    Nail polish and removers
-    Non-prescription liquid or gel medicines like cough syrup
-    Razors - including disposable razors
-    Scissors - plastic or metal
-    Shampoos and conditioners
-    Toothpaste
-    Toy Robots
-    Toy Weapons
-    Tweezers
-    Walking Canes
-    Electronic Devices:
-    Camcorders and Camera Equipments
-    Laptop Computers
-    Mobile Phones
-    Pagers
-    Sharp Objects:
-    Box Cutters
-    Ice Axes/Ice Pick
-    Knives - except for plastic or round bladed butter knives
-    Meat Cleavers
-    Razor-Type Blades        
-    Scissors        
-    Swords
-    Sporting Goods:
-    Baseball Bats
-    Bows and Arrows
-    Cricket Bats
-    Golf and Hockey Sticks    
-    Ski Poles &nbs