Wednesday, 20 October 2021

collapseall Can I take my own portable oxygen tank on the plane with me?

You may not bring a portable compressed oxygen tank on a commercial airline flight. Oxygen is considered a hazardous material.  However, if the airline agrees, a passenger can provide their oxygen tank to the airline 48 hours ahead of the flight to examine and test the oxygen equipment to assess its integrity.  If the airline agrees to test the oxygen equipment and determines it is safe for use, the airline will return the device to the passenger for the flight.  No airline is willing to accept the safety and liability risks of permitting passengers to carry on and use their personal oxygen tanks during commercial flights without their approval.
Airlines may let you carry an approved portable oxygen concentrator.  These are not hazardous as they work by filtering nitrogen from the air and delivering oxygen in concentrated form.
Also, some airlines do provide oxygen to passengers at a charge, although they are not required to do so.  
Please check with your airline before you purchase your ticket to ask if they will test your oxygen tank for safety, let you carry the specified oxygen concentrators, or if they will provide oxygen to you.