Wednesday, 29 September 2021


About Taban

Ten Years Of Service With The Backgroun


Of Three-Decade-Experience

From the very founding time and starting of the flights, all the flight activists of the company have paved the way for the domestic and international flights with doing all the best to fulfill the passengers’ expectations.

Increasing  and development of the fleet, operating flights to the deprived regions, and serving passengers to meet their expectations have been all directed towards this aim in a way that to the testimony of many,

this  company has been able to be known of the leading and active companies of this industry by meeting all due principles.


Tourism; Iran’s Future Economical Way Plan

By the vice-chief executor

In the recent years, economical reports and news account a will of detour from petroleum-oriented economical policies and tourism is known to be the only substitute preferred rout of future economy due to its potential Foreign Exchange revenue  according to this analysis that Iran is home to an ancient civilization with historical cities and after all, and profiting from a four-  seasonal climate; hence a logical and approved substitute .

Nevertheless , if we believe that development schemes are performed provided that all due infrastructures and apparatuses are fully prepared, we must also believe that all related gears must be involved in this active gear wheel . In other words, to define tourism development without considering an active transportation system would seem a fallacious definition. So letting the tourism organization in this field alone, and expecting them to conduct an increasing growth would be a mere idealistic thought. So being, by employing the collective wisdom and a collaborative operation among all organizations there would be hope to lead into materializing this tourism plan objectives. This is while all related factors need to be elaborated and discussed separately ,but among these factors , the transportation section is an effective and necessary while not a sufficient one that needs high            consideration by the authorities and those of acumen. And it needs to be supported so leads to the comparative stage in a way that people’s choice would make sense.

Starting Taban Airline is the materializations of all these ideas that tries to take part in achieving our Islamic country’s targets and playing a role in the country’s development with the motto of “Domestic And International Passengers Fulfillment.”


The Hangar Of Taban Air Lines In The Holly City Of Mashhad

Some  of these activities could be or listed as follow:

-Wheel shop

-oxygen shop

-battery shop

-sheet metal workshop

-composite shop

-cabin shop

-tools shop

Based on planning scheme proposed by the  Technical And Management Deputy and confirmed by the supreme authority of the company, the taban hangar was founded and started working in the shortest   possible time in the holly city of Mashhad which is airline’s Main Base.

The  Advent Of Taban From Public Relation Head Point Of View

Fleet improvement is not a new issue to discuss and has always been regarded as one of the main factors when discussing industry  improvement by the authorities and economical skilful especially when determining tourism potentialities which could be quite understandable in reaching to the development goals when concluding from datas and analysis. In this very field, the supreme authority of the company that as an active airline is bearing a reputed brand, relying on his potentials and experiences has found his people-oriented motives to play an impressive role in service and reception for the sake of those very people that has led into the advent of such a company, i.e. Taban Airlines. So doing, he could by applying a team of experienced experts and relying on God The Almighty and an absolute professional background being tried during long period of years , finally in 1385 , being granted a permit by The civil  Aviation Organisation ,and by launching  the first flight from the holy city of Mashhad-a spiritual hub of all hearts- to Tehran , could materialise the idea of founding this company that was welcome by the authorities of Khorasan Razavi  province due to its sublime goal.