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Kish tourism and tourist attractions

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Kish, with an elliptical shape, is located in the Persian Gulf. This island is nearly plain. The center of the island is the highest part and it ends to the coasts by a moderate slope Kish climate is considered to be a very dry semi equatorial climate. In the months of October to April, Kish weather is mild hot. From April to October, it is very hot accompanied by relatively high humidity. Hence, the hottest month of the island is August. Kish is a very suitable place for tourists as there are many tourist attractions and resorts around the island that make it a tourist-oriented place. Due to its specific geographical situation, it is considered as a trading center in the Persian Gulf region and it is known as the first free trade zone of the Islamic Republic. The island enjoys the diversity of marine creatures, coral reefs and equatorial jungles. It is also one of the greenest islands of the Persian Gulf because of its freshwater sources. The beaches of Kish are the other natural and spectacular features of this island. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. Kish is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf.


Kish Jame'-e Noor Mosque


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This mosque with a single beautiful minaret is a place for the Sunni prayers which is located in Mir Mohanna area. In addition to the coastal prayer rooms which are constructed beautifully along the beach, tourists are attracted to this mosque for visiting and also saying prayers. Kish Jame’-e mosque is very old and most of the mourning ceremonies and other particular ceremonies are held in this mosque. There is another mosque in Kish named Khatam Al Anbiya mosque which is located in the north of the island and Friday prayers are held in this mosque.


Reptiles Exhibition

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The exhibition contains over 100 species of snakes such as huge boa, pythons of Africa and Amazon, iguana crocodile of Madagascar, the black emperor scorpion of Africa, flying snake of Thailand, and bird-eating spiders of Brazil. Taxidermy is also applied in this exhibition, the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals, so that they will appear lifelike. Over 100 species of this kind are represented here.


Marjan (coral) coastal park


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Marjan (coral) coastal park, located near the Marjan bazaar, is one of the most eye-catching sights of Kish. It has connected the Marjan Bazaar to the sea. Many passengers and residents spend their leisure time in this park and enjoy visiting the beautiful coastal sceneries of Kish.



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Karting is an exciting and entertaining sport which is the basic sport in the professional car racing. The Kish Karting Track is one of the largest in the Middle East, and one of the first of its kind in Iran. ATV four-wheeled vehicles called karts and remote controlled cars are available there too.


Glass-bottomed boats

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Surrounding waters of Kish is the habitat of various aquatic marines such as corals, aquarium and edible fishes, sea urchins, crabs, starfish, etc. All these wonders can be seen from glass-bottomed boats available at the recreational pier. The light provided at the bottom of the boats make it possible for the tourists to have a clear view of the sea's depth at night.



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Due to natural environmental situation Kish Island is one the most pristine regions of the Persian Gulf. The coral reefs at the east of the island have made the area one of the richest and most beautiful regions. The most suitable diving sites of the country are also located there. The coral cover of the island is mostly situated at the east shores which is being visited by those who are interested in diving every year. Diving is possible throughout the year and the shallow diving sites of the island are suitable for everyone and even the amateurs. The existence of training and recreating centers of diving in Kish has made the island a major center for diving in Iran.


Greek Ship

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In the west of the island, a massive ship has landed in the azure waters on the shores of Kish, which is known as the Greek Ship. On a hot summer day, Kish natives saw a massive ship which had run aground near Baqou village with great astonishment. With the passing of years, the reason for the ship running aground remains behind a haze of obscurity. The ship was built by the William Hamilton Company in 1943. On April 5th, 1966, when returning to Greece form Iran, the ship ran aground. The Dutch tugboat, Orinoko, spent 80 days in vain trying to pull the ship out.